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rubber housing
Material Silicone Rubber
Apply Theme Type Positive and negative shield
High(mm) Φ27.1
Description Sheath
Color Red
custom mold Various options are available for your choice
Products covering the automotive, medical, daily products, etc.; Fangyi sealing technology is a company specializing in rubber products manufacturing enterprises. Products include: solid silica gel, liquid silicone products and plastic products.
Founded in 1989, Henan Fangyi Sealing Technology Co. Ltd is committed to make the best rubber products. Up to now, we have an area of 20,000 square meters and 38 million fixed assets. Our main products include solid silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber products and plastic products, which applied in automobile, medical, daily products and more. In 2016, Fangyi reached a sales performance of $30 million. And in 2017, Fangyi got the DUN & BRADSTREET certificate. Our 29 years’ experience makes us the qualified supplier of Molex, Lear, Leoni, Samas and more.
With an input of $1.5 million, Fangyi built own library, which can develop and make the mold, and the library can make all kinds of test such as high and low temperature alternating wet heat test, high temperature test, tightness test, senior technical team, professional solutions, meticulous service and flexible and fast response. We are always deep into making the best rubber and plastic products in the world.
Advanced machines such as Arburg from Germany, Multiplas and Mitsubishi from Japan, Elmet from Austria, and Makino and Votsch make our products of top quality. A series of automatic machine will improve our production ability and automatic quality inspection machine will help us to provide the 100% qualified products.
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